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WELCOME TO Dr. A. Kowsigan IAS

Thursday, October 27, 2016



General Secretary
KWA Engineering Staff Association
WS Section No.III
Malippuram PO,
Ernakulam, Kochi .
          Sri. AJIT PATIL IAS
The Managing Director
Kerala Water Authority,
Sub:  Reassigning the duties and responsibilities of Assistant Engineers
and Overseers - reg
The Assistant Engineers are reluctant to work in the Section offices due to the considerable work load, stress and strain. This is badly affecting the field activities. The management has been admitted the same before the Pay revision commission.
The work load of Assistant Engineers have been considerably increased due to the unscientific assignment of duties through softwares such as e abacus, o and m connect, MARCH etc. Now a days all the water connection processes also are entrusted with the Assistant Engineers in addition to the maintenance works. All the works are centralized and concentrated to the Assistant Engineers.
          In fact the Assistant Engineers are locked before the computer system for the timely updation of field level data. Due to time constraints, proper attention for the preparation of estimates, managing the office and supervision could not be effected to the maximum possible extent to sort out day to day issues for delivering satisfactory service to the public. The field work is inevitable to achieve a certain level of improvements, which is of utmost importance to the KWA. The frequent calls from the public to the CUG cell with the Assistant Engineers are breaking the concentration needed works and that will effect the quality and time of works. The complaints and suggestions from the public can be registered through the land phone provided in the HELP DESK with the supervision of the Overseers. The e measurements and bill can be introduced which can be save the valuable time for other activities.
The strengthening of the KWA has to be started from the Section offices because of direct public relations are through the Section office. Most of the Section offices are functioned with insufficient office space and infra-structure facilities. There is no proper allotment of temporary advance/imprest in time for meeting incidental and urgent needs even the required funds for the same is idling.  The measurement books are stored in the some of the higher offices without issuing the same to the Assistant Engineers in time. All the public and representatives of the local bodies in the different standards are directly approaching the Section offices for their grievances related to water supply. But due to the unscientific assignment of duties, inadequate infra structure felicities and required staff not attained the fulfillment of the consumer satisfaction from the Section offices.
The existing e abacus software is time consuming and not users, customers friendly and in accordance to the Water Supply Act. There is no provision to correct or edit the wrong entry made in the lower level, rejection on verification and inform the position of application in each table. The not required fields are seen provided as mandatory. It is not possible to print out the copies of Provisional Approval Notice and work order again. The pending list listed is seen not in order of seniority and the licensed plumbers list is not in alphabetic order of name.
Proposal for revised software
1.     The proposed software should be users, customers friendly and it can be moved from one field to another automatically or by using Enter Key.
2.     The fields can be provided as mandatory and optional. The required details only as per Water Supply Act may be provided as mandatory.
3.     The stage of application can be understood in every table. (Searching may be adopted)
4.     The wrong entry in the lower level can be edited or corrected from the next higher level.
5.     To be provided the automatic generation of acknowledgement receipt, Provisional Approval Notice/ Rejection memo, Application for road cutting sanction, agreement, Work order etc. The further copies of the above can be taken if required.
6.     To be provided the facilities for rejection on verification.
Proposed procedure for granting New Water Service Connections
Application for water connection shall be accompanied with:-
1.     Ownership certificate from Local body (Residential certificate and other kinds of any certificate may not be considered.)
2.     Copy of ID proof (Voter ID card, Driving License, Aadhar card etc.)
3.     Two self-addressed stamped envelopes.
4.     Location sketch in A3 size sheet showing existing main line, proposed service line and inside installations etc. prepared by the Licensed Plumber.
Proposed procedure for simplifying and smooth functioning
1.     The applications for water Service connection will be issued from the Section office counter after realizing the Application fee of Rs. 15.00
2.     The applications duly filled up shall be received by the Draftsman/Overseer authorized by the Assistant Engineer and registered on preliminary checking and submitted the verification report to the Assistant Engineer.
3.     The Draftsman/Overseer will be recommended the connection if feasible, and if found not feasible, the fact shall be reported to the Assistant Engineer with reasons.
4.     Based on the approval of the Assistant Engineer, Provisional Approval Notice/ Rejection memo are generated automatically.
(The applicant shall be requested through Provisional Approval Notice to furnish the completion report, consent letter of the owner of land through which the pipe lines are to be laid, sanction for road cutting from PWD/Local Body etc. as the case may be, stamp paper for agreement, original ID proof and to remit the connection charges, CSME charges etc. as per Water Supply Act.) The specific clarifications to be issued regarding the CSME charges.
5.     On approval of the Provisional Approval Notice/ Rejection memo, the Dispatch Clerk shall be intimated the same to the applicant.
6.     The applicant shall be produced the Provisional Approval Notice, required consent/road cutting sanction as the case may be, completion report, original ID proof, stamp paper etc. before the Draftsman/Overseer for verification of agreement documents.
7.     On verifications with check lists, system will be generate agreement conditions and  put up the agreement documents before the Assistant Engineer for the execution of agreement with applicant.
8.     On remittance of the required fee, work order will be generated automatically and put up the same before the Assistant Engineer for approval.
9.     On approval of the same, work order will be issued to the applicant, Licensed Plumber through the Dispatch Clerk for effecting the connection.
10.            The Overseer shall be arranged the connection through the Licensed Plumber with the supervision and entered the date of connection to the system with report to the Assistant Engineer.
(The consumer number will be generated only on entering the physical date of connection by the Overseer and not on payment of connection fee)
For changing the procedures, necessary modifications in the existing software are required.
If some of the matters, now entrusted with the Assistant Engineers are delegated to the Overseers, the Assistant Engineers can be concentrated both offices and field which will improve the revenue as well as the image of the KWA.
In order to reduce the heavy work load of the Assistant Engineers and increase the performance, some responsibilities are to be delegated to the Overseers as follows:
1) To upload incidence report ( o and m connect ) using own password and giving proper feed back to the Assistant Engineer.
2) To account the stock of materials and submit the stock position to the Assistant Engineer.
3) To upload registration, verification report, verification of agreement, entries of date of connection and consumer services of water service connections using own password.
We may please be given an opportunity to explain our demands in person.
                                                                                Thanking you,
                                                                                                                       Yours faithfully,
Sd/ - 
Ernakulam,                                                                                                     SALIH. K.K.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Expenditure of Operation and maintenance of the Kerala Water Authority was on 2012 - 2013 was 130 Cr. By the sincere efforts of the Managing Director, it has reduced to 50 Cr. Saved 80 Cr.!

Also congrats for the increased revenue collection from 24 Cr. to 39.6 Cr. per month.

It is proved that an"IAS Officer can save our Authority"