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As per our State Committee valuation, KWA Staff Association (INTUC) is in favour of some of the demands of our Association while others are acting against the demands. Hence our Association has been decided to support KWA Staff Association (INTUC) in the Referendum.
You are requested to elect 
               Sl. No. 4.    KWA Staff Association (INTUC)
                                                                           in the Referendum.
Salih KK,
General Secretary

Saturday, January 28, 2012




Water Resources Department – OP No. 32186/01 and 22409/01- Judgment complied with – Orders Issued.


GO (Rt) No. 39/2008/WRD Dated, Thiruvananthapuram 7.1.2008

Read : 1) GO (P) No. 54/99/IrD dated 19.8.1999

2) Judgment dated 21.3.2007 in OP No. 32186/01 and 22409/01

3) Representation dated 24.03.2007 and 02.04.2007 from the

General Secretary, Kerala Water Authority Overseers’ Association.

4) GO (P) No. 46/07/WRD dated 30.07.2007

5) DO letter No. KWA/JB/E1/5223/07 dated 12.12.2007 from the Managing



The Hon’ble High Court as per the judgment read as 2nd paper above directed Government to look into the representation submitted by KWA Overseers’ Association with regard to the anomaly as referred to therein and take appropriate action in accordance with law to set right the anomaly, if any, with notice to the petitioners within a period of three months from the date of production of a copy of the judgment.

The petitioners were heard by Government on 25.6.2007. The main points raised by the petitioners is that the Overseer Grade III under the Kerala Water Authority is entitled to a Higher scale of pay than Operators, Meter Readers, Plumbers and Lower Division Clerks while granting Time bound higher Grade promotion. They demanded to rectify the anomalies.

Government have examined the matter. In the Pay Revision Order read as 4th paper above the anomaly in the scale of pay of the promotion post ( Overseer Gr. II/ Draftsman Gr. II) is rectified by enhancing the scale of pay from 3770-5785 to the corresponding scale of pay Rs. 4210-5235( revised Rs. 6690-11070)

The channel for promotion of Overseer Gr. III is Draftsman Gr.II, Draftsman Gr. I, Assistant Engineer and so on according to seniority and availability of vacancies. The duties and responsibilities of Overseer Grade III , Draftsman Grade II and Grade I and Assistant Engineer are entirely different. The vacancies of Draftsman Grade II, Draftsman Grade I and Assistant Engineer are filled up by direct recruitment/promotion. In the case of an Overseer Grade III, the promotion to the Draftsman Grade II is available as long as the employees remain in the category of Overseer Grade III. Hence he /she is eligible for the scale of pay of promotion post of Draftsman II for his/her 1st Time Bound Higher Grade. For 2nd TBHG and 3rd TBHG the promotion posts are not available unless promotion of Draftsman Grade II or Grade I as the case may be. As per the current pay revision orders 20% of Draftsman Grade I will be placed as Draftsman Grade I (HG) on Rs. 9310-16180 with effect from the date of pay revision orders.

Similarly the same criteria are followed in the case of other categories like plumbers, Meter Readers, Operators, Lower Division Clerk for sanctioning Time Bound Higher Grade.

In the case of Plumbers and Meter Readers the next promotion post is Plumbing Inspector and Meter Inspector respectively. As per orders read as 1st paper above 12.5% of Plumbing Inspectors and Meter Inspectors were placed as Senior Plumbing Inspector and Senior Meter Inspector respectively. The said 12.5% has been enhanced to 20% for the above categories as well as in the case of Draftsman Grade I (HG) as per the current pay revision orders, provided they are allowed only standards scales of pay for Time Bound Higher Grade. These categories have no further promotions. For 3rd Time Bound Higher Grade they are allowed the immediate higher scale.

Operators have promotion chances as Head Operator, Mechanical Superintendent, and Mechanical Superintendent (HG). The duties and responsibilities are entirely different from that of Overseer Grade III. Qualifications are also different except for promotion as Head Operator.

The channel of promotion of Lower Division Clerk are as in the case of the common categories in Government. If there is sufficient service and seniority, one Lower Division Clerk can reach upto Senior Administrative officer. There are even cases of retirement in the post of Lower Division Clerk itself.

The Overseer Grade III are of 628 in numbers. Among them 400 Overseers are enjoying the 2nd and 3rd Time Bound Higher Grade. Hence if the request of the Overseer Grade III are allowed (ie. allowing higher scale of pay to Overseers for Time Bound Higher Grade than Plumbers, Meter Readers, Operators and Lower Division Clerks), there will be an additional financial commitment of Rs. 1.6 Crores per annum. If other similar categories, which all together come almost equal to the cadre strength of these categories, raise similar demand, the financial commitment will be doubled than the ensured financial commitment.

In view of the above circumstances the contention of the petitioners that the Overseer Grade III under the KWA is entitled to a higher scale of pay than the Operators, Meter Readers, Plumbers and Lower Division Clerks while granting Time Bound Higher Grade promotions, deserve no merit and it is therefore rejected.

The judgment dated 21.3.2007 in the OP No. 32186/01 and 22409/01 is complied with accordingly.

By Order of the Governor


Principal Secretary to Government


Sri. Salih KK, General Secretary

The Managing Director, Kerala Water Authority, Thiruvananthapuram

The Advocate General, Ernakulam (with C/L)

Stock File/O.C

Forwarded by order


Sunday, November 20, 2011



The General Secretary

KWA Engineering Staff Association

KWA Quarter No. MK 3/II/B

XII/611, Santo Gopalan Road

Koovappadam, Kochi 682 002.


Sri. Ashok Kumar Singh IAS

The Managing Director


Kerala Water Authority,



Sub: KWA– Estt. – Provisional Seniority list of the Executive Engineer

as on 01.10.2011. Objections- reg.

Ref: 1) KWA/JB/E2(A)/11535/2005 dated 14.10.2011

2) Judgments in OP No. 927 of 1995

3) GO (Rt) No. 471/86/PW & ST dated 14.03.1985

I may submit the following for favourable orders.

The seniority list prepared vide ref 1st cited above is incomplete and not in accordance with the directions contained and Rules. The ratio among the Direct recruitment and promotion in the post of Assistant Engineer is 6:4 (6 Graduate by Direct recruitment and 4 Diploma and Certificate by promotions). The Kerala Water Authority had made Special Recruitment in the post of Assistant Engineer in the absence of Degree holders from SC/ST candidates Diploma holders. As per the Rules for Special Recruitment to the post of Assistant Engineers, the Diploma holders appointed under the Special Recruitment Scheme have to be kept outside the normal strength of Assistant Engineers for the purpose of applying ratio 6:3:1 among Graduates, Diploma and Certificate holders. The Secretary to Government vide his letter No. 2686/B2/95/PWST dated 14.09.1995 has directed to exclude the Special Recruited Diploma holders Assistant Engineers from the cadre strength of Assistant Engineers and quota fixed for Diploma holders for maintaining ratio 6:3:1 for appointment and promotion among Degree, Diploma and certificate holders and to make good the resulting deficiency under Diploma quota by promoting the eligible hand from the feeder category. But the same has not been seen obeyed sofar. The Diploma holders appointed under the Special Recruitment Scheme have been included in the quota fixed for Diploma holders in the post of Assistant Engineer, Assistant Executive Engineer and Executive Engineer and denied the eligible promotions.

Eg:- Cadre strength of the Executive Engineer is 77 Nos.

As per Special Rules, 5% of the Cadre strength has been earmarked for Diploma holders. ie. 3.85, Say 4 Nos.

But no Diploma holders are existing in the post of Executive Engineer except 3 Special recruitees. (ie. 22. Aravindakshan. P.S, 23. Praveen kumar. V.M, 26. Vinayan P.K.) Hence urgent steps has to be taken to promote 4 Diploma holders from the Assistant Executive Engineer with retrospective effect from 30.01.1971 ie. date of amendment to Special Rules.

In view of the facts mentioned above and compliance with the directions of the Hon’ble High Court, I request your goodself to issue necessary orders for the following:

To avoid the following names from Diploma quota who were initially appointed as Assistant Engineers under the Special Recruitment Scheme and to fill up the deficiency of Diploma holders in the category of Executive Engineer by promoting 4 Diploma holders from the Assistant Executive Engineer with retrospective effect from 30.01.1971 ie. date of amendment to Special Rules.

22. Aravindakshan. P.S

23. Praveen kumar. V.M

26. Vinayan P.K.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Ernakulam Sd/-

14.11.2011 SALIH. K.K.

General Secretary